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Buying Your Home

Buying Your Home

Get Excited About Your New Home!

Purchasing a new home in Edmonton is an exciting experience. The process is also complex, with many details to be decided and arranged. While ReidBuilt Homes is building your new home, you participate by taking care of several important aspects of your purchase.

Did you know... Purchasing YOUR ReidBuilt Home is Easy!

Surprises are only fun when it's YOUR birthday - not when you are building a new home.

  1. Choose YOUR home and YOUR lot
  2. Make YOUR structural modifications and YOUR selections
  3. Share YOUR good news with YOUR bank
  4. YOUR new home agreement is submitted to the office
  5. Celebrate YOUR new home!
  6. YOUR preliminary plans are prepared
  7. Review YOUR plans with YOUR area manager
  8. A one on one appointment with our professional interior designer to choose YOUR interior colors
  9. That's it... YOUR final plans are done!
  10. Construction of YOUR new home begins
  11. Take possession of YOUR new home!

It really is that easy! Talk to YOUR Area Manager about building YOUR new home today!

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