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Bridge to Homeownership

No Down Payment? No Problem!

We can make your dream of owning a home a reality!
Let Bridge to Homeownership get you into your new ReidBuilt Home today

  • Step One Select from our inventory of homes and complete the application process
  • Step Two If approved, provide the security payments and optional down payment
  • Step Three Sign the lease with the option to purchase for 2-3 years (depending on your optional down payment)
  • Step Four Make your monthly payments on time – we’ll calculate an amount of each payment and put it into an account to save for your down payment
  • Step Five At the end of the lease term, take the down payment and exercise your option to purchase
Visit the BTHO website for more details Register here for more information Select from our inventory of homes

How the Program Works

Even with a tip-top credit rating, an Alberta lender or bank will require a minimum of a 5% down payment to qualify you for a mortgage. That means, if you wish to purchase a home of $400,000.00, you need to come up with a down payment of $20,000. That can be tough when you have bills to pay, a life to live and current rent to pay for. Your dollar can only stretch so far but, what if we could help you stretch it further?

The Bridge-to-Homeownership Program allows you to SAVE for a down payment while you LIVE in the house that you'll own.


Enjoy what the stability of your fixed monthly payments brings.

  • Savings towards the down payment of your home.
  • The opportunity to restructure your finances to improve monthly cash flow and pay off other debts sooner.
  • Build equity in a property that you know is right for you.